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Health & Safety Policy


ShedX is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy area for all who use the space, and to provide the information, training and supervision needed to achieve this. 


ShedX will take responsibility for health and safety procedures, however, all users need to be aware of their responsibilities and comply with ShedX’s health and safety policy. 


Each user is encouraged to play a vital and responsible role in maintaining a safe and healthy workout space through:

  • Being involved in the workplace health and safety system.

  • Sticking to correct movements as designated by the trainer when completing body movements or using any exercise equipment.

  • Wearing appropriate clothing footwear.

  • Bringing a towel and using it during the class.

  • Reporting any pain or discomfort as soon as possible.

  • Ensuring all accidents and incidents are reported.

  • Helping new trainees and visitors to the site to understand the right safety procedures and why they exist.

  • Telling your Trainer immediately of any health and safety concerns.

  • Keeping the training area tidy to minimise the risk of any trips and falls.


Your participation is much appreciated.


  • Access to ShedX will be restricted to approved ShedX Trainers only, and the facility can only be used when an approved ShedX Trainer is on site.  ShedX does not operate as an accessible gym to individuals, but has scheduled weekly classes run by the trainers.  The approved trainers may also run Private Training (PT) sessions. 

  • Primary Trainers have been issued with a door key and will be given the code for access via the electronic door, and this code will be periodically changed.  Neither the physical key nor the electronic door code should be shared to reduce the risk of injury to random users.

The current lists of Primary Trainers are:

  • Jeremiah Ataera

  • Andrew Hoeflich

  • Kevin Kuresa

  • Ryan McCutcheon

  • William Irererua


  1. The ShedX facility may be utilised by other Papsda and 360 groups for NON EXERCISE related activity, during the times when there are no community classes.  This may include dance, drama etc.  It is understood these groups will abide by their own Health & Safety policies.  Any injuries sustained where unauthorised use of ShedX equipment is used, ShedX will not be held liable.  

  2. The ShedX facility may be hired by an outside trainer to run a class for their community or group.  This class will not be a scheduled ShedX class, and the hirer will be fully liable for any injuries sustained to attendees.  The hirer will sign a waiver as part of the hire agreement.

  3. Any children under the age of 18 that attend ShedX will first and foremost be the responsibility of the parent/guardian of that child. The trainer running the class will still have overall responsibility of the safety of the participants.

  4. The back car park will be coned off to restrict vehicle access (for when the back car park is used for exercise).  Hire of the church facility will supersede this and the trainer will ensure the car park is available to hirers and will change their workout to safely accommodate exercise participants.


  1. Entry into the premises will not be permitted if a class trainer, participant, spectator or visitor:

    • has symptoms associated with COVID-19 e.g. fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, sneezing/runny nose, or loss of sense of smell.

    • is awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test.

    • has been in contact with any known or suspected cases of COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

    • has returned from overseas or been in contact with anyone else who has returned from overseas in the past 14 days.

  2. Trainers are required to communicate and carry out entry protocol with all class participants, spectators and/or visitors.

  3. It is compulsory for all class participants, spectators and/or visitors to sign in digitally – using the QR code posted or manually – on the register provided.

  4. All class participants, spectators and/or visitors must comply with the relevant COVID-19 alert level physical distancing requirements in place at any given time. This will be communicated to the trainers and on display throughout the site when necessary.


  1. ShedX will ensure all exercise equipment and equipment storage is maintained and safe to use for each class, and a maintenance register will be kept onsite.  Any broken or faulty equipment identified by a ShedX Trainer should be clearly marked that it cannot be used until repaired.  Once repaired, this will be reflected in the maintenance register and signed off by the Equipment Manager.

  2. It is compulsory to clean all gym equipment, benches, machines, boxing bags, interlocking floor tiles and boxes at the end of each class with the cleaning product and equipment provided on site.

  3. Trainers are required to lead and manage cleaning and can involve class participants if and when appropriate.

  4. Trainers are required to update cleaning whiteboard after cleaning is completed.

  5. Safety data sheets for cleaning product will be stored on site as and when required.


  1. All trainers will either hold a current First Aid certificate, or undergo training to hold a current certificate.

  2. Trainers will undergo a ShedX induction course for competency in use of equipment and common movements.  This will continue as necessary and an assessment done 6 monthly.

  3. In the event that a trainer will be unable to run a class, the trainer is required to organise a substitute trainer who has full understanding of the ShedX Health & Safety Policies and is able to completely fulfil them. If an appropriate substitute trainer is not available, the trainer is required to cancel the class.



All equipment will be stored in designated holders and areas, so as to enable easy access that will not cause any injury.

  • A ‘clear floor’ policy will be enforced. This means nothing will be left on the floor, all items will be returned to their designated storage areas and the floors to be swept/blown/vacuumed clean.



Exercise equipment can only be used when an approved trainer is onsite to ensure the user is utilising the equipment correctly to minimise the risk of injury.

  1. A common sense approach to be taken in the use of the exercise equipment for what it is designed for.  Examples of incorrect usage could include the use of the Olympic bars as a door prop, or the box jump boxes as platforms to jump off (for basketball etc).

  2. Boxing bags to be hung and brought down by a minimum of 2 people

  3. Use of any exercise equipment must be utilised at 1.5m away from the mirrored walls.

  4. Equipment to be kept dry and not used in wet conditions

  5. All kettlebells, slam balls, medicine balls, bumper plates and weight plates to be placed on mats when used outside to minimise the risk of damage, which can cause harm to the user.



The approved ShedX trainer must deal with any accidents occurring at ShedX.  The accident register must be completed and a record to be kept in the Health & Safety folder in the ShedX storage cupboard.



QR Code alert - Mat Carter

Trainer Requirements - Miah Ataera

Equipment Manager - Ryan McCutcheon

Ministry of Health enquiries - Mat Carter & William Irererua

Media enquiries - William Irererua

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