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Even if you're just checking us out with a free trial at ShedX we still need to collect a bit of information from you to keep our 'Health and Safety' team happy.


So... to do this we need you to sign up for 'membership' at ShedX.


Please "Log In" to this site using the login box at the very top of the page.  Membership is free - and only costs you a bit of your time.

Once you've fill in in the initial Log In details we'll send you a follow up email with a link to the required form we need you to complete.  Then you're all good to go!

ShedX fees:

$5 per class, or $10 weekly for all classes.

(secondary & tertiary students = FREE)

Bank A/C:  12-3028-0537532-00

 - IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please add your 'name' AND (and this is the important part) "ShedX" to your payment details so the payment gets 'tagged' as received!

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